It’s Prime Time

It’s one of those things lots of people go without. It’s another lot of $$$, and another thing you have to remember to put on. Lots of people have it and have no idea when or how to use it, some have never heard of it, and some use it daily, but are using it incorrectly. It can glow, mattify, reduce pore size, or stay all day. In the end, it depends on what you’re looking for and what you will want to get out of your makeup.

So what is primer?

Originally intended to prolong the wear of stage makeup, primer has since become increasingly popular, and an almost necessary part to any makeup lovers daily routine. It’s a beauty product that is used to improve the longevity of makeup. You can get primer for so many things; eyes, eyebrows, face, lips, eyelashes, etc. As I said before, you can also get different types of primer for many different uses; mattifying, oil-reducing, 24 hour, waterproof, pore reducing (reduces the appearance of pores, not the size), brightening, etc. The primer you choose needs to be decided based on your needs and issues surrounding your makeup application and what you expect from a days wear.

Is it worth it?

When considering whether or not it’s really worth spending all of that $$$ on a little tube or bottle because some website and a couple of makeup artists recommended it, try going into your local makeup store, whether that be Mecca Cosmetics, Sephora or anything similar, and request either a free makeup trial of the product, or a sample to test it out at home yourself, as most stores will let you do either.


Moisturiser always goes on first in a makeup application, followed by primer. When you try primer the first time, depending on the consistency of your primer and your moisturiser, it may get clumpy and crumbly. This means that you either didn’t wait long enough to let your moisturiser absorb into your skin before you applied the primer, or the primer and the moisturiser don’t go well together. It’s about this time when you’re grateful you got a free sample!

Should your primer application go smoothly, try using it on one half of your face and applying foundation to both halves. You will probably find that both are different when applying, with the side without primer becoming streaky. This is because the foundation does not have a smooth base to glide over, as the primer on the other side has provided.

Once you know what you want out of your makeup, finding a primer is easy, and don’t forget the ladies at the counters are always there for help and guidance towards your next beauty purchase.

If you want to learn more about the different types of primers, don’t forget to subscribe and watch out for my next prime time update!



2 thoughts on “It’s Prime Time

  1. Love the blog! Such an awesome idea…especially for people who are new to makeup application or are trying a new technique! I had a question about primer…do I apply it on the whole face or just under eyes, t zone and chin and then blend?



    1. Hi! Great question. Where you apply primer depends on which primer your using, and whether you have issues with streaking on other parts of the face. So if you’re using a pore reducing primer, that should be applied to the t-zone, nose, and chin, and any other areas you find particularly porous. If you want to then have an all over result, try combining a pore reducing primer with a long lasting primer. I would recommend the Stay Flawless primer and the porefessional primer, both from benefit, as they provide a flawless base for foundation and work together perfectly as a duo. Xoxo


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