It’s the term that had the whole internet questioning the lengths beauty would stretch. Popularised by Kim kardashian, baking took the makeup world by storm, soon catching on and appearing in almost every makeup tutorial online. For months and months I didn’t pay attention to it. I tried it a few times, each time unsuccessful, and then continued to ignore it. After a frustrating many many months of trying to fix the devils’ work (under eye creases), I finally decided to give it one last go. I walked myself down to Mecca Cosmetica and bought the NARS light reflecting loose setting powder ($53), and gave it a try.

So what is it?

While baking is most commonly something you do in the kitchen, in makeup terms, it is the process of using loose setting powder to flawlessly ‘bake’, or set, your makeup. Using this method can feel strange at first, as it makes the baked areas feel dry and weird, but after a while your faces natural oils kick in and loosen it up, making it feel almost normal. Using the ‘baking’ technique makes your makeup look airbrushed, without having the ‘cake face’ effect.


After applying my foundation and concealer, I used my wet beauty blender and gently dabbed it in the powder, and dabbed it once again under my eyes, and on my chin. Of course depending on your preferences, these aren’t the only places you can use this technique.

While waiting for the powder to ‘bake’, I finished off some other parts of my makeup to save time, such as my eyebrows and my eyes. After about 10 minutes, I used a fluffy powder brush to brush away remainding powder, and to my dismay it had worked! My next dilemma was applying my powder contour, blush and highlight, as this proved difficult on such a perfectly sealed foundation. This is where I’ve since adjusted my routine order.

Instead of immediately applying the powder after my foundation and concealer, I now use the NARS light reflecting pressed setting powder ($53) to lightly set my whole face, followed by benefits’ Hoola Bronzer to darken up my complexion if I’ve tanned. After that I apply my powder contour and blush, and only after these steps do I apply the loose powder to ‘bake’ my face. To finish off my face I apply either a powder or stick highlighter to my cheek bones, chin, nose and Cupid’s bow. 

Using these techniques I’m able to achieve a flawless look (and gotten rid of those under eye creases!), while maintaining a glowing and dewy complexion.

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