Do the curtains match the drapes? 

Whilst usually a phrase used as a certain innuendo, I’m referring to two different curtains and drapes, those being the eyes and cheeks.

2017 is only just starting, and with it, new trends will follow. One trend I really hope catches on is not exactly new, but has been around since the 70s and 80s, and has, like everything else in fashion and makeup, come around again; draping.

So what is it?

Draping is a technique used to accentuate the cheeks and the eyes by using peachy pinks on both areas, and can be used as a means to contour using blush. This means that all of those gorgeous blush pallets you have full of peachy pinks that were scantly used during the craze of the contour, can finally reemerge. If you were only introduced to makeup during the contour craze, I would recommend the coralista and/or dandelion blushes from benefit, as they are the perfect colours for this years new trend. 

Using blush as a prominent part of your makeup routine adds more colour to your face, making it seem more natural, and makes your features more prominent. So not only does a good peachy pallet look summery, but by making your eyes and cheeks pop, your features become subtle, but still pronounced.


When attempting the ‘draped’ look, I would recommend using a big fluffy powder brush instead of your regular blush brush to blur the edges a bit more around the cheekbones to give it more of a seamlessness to the look. Focus the main part of your blush on the very top of your cheekbones and blend it downwards, toward where you would normally but your contour line. Then, follow the line along your cheek and gently brush upwards towards your eyebrows to create a blur between the eyes and the cheeks.

Once you’re satisfied with the level of blush, grab a fluffy blending eyeshadow brush, and, using the lightest pink you have, blur some blush into and just above your cut crease on your eyelid. Blend this up to your brow bones but only enough to add a little colour. Use the same colour you used on your cheeks to then buff onto your eyelids to create a bolder colour, and blend the two colours together to create the summery look.

Top off the whole look with a bit of highlighter, such as benefits ‘watts up’ highlighter stick, and some mascara for a casual dressed down summer look, and add some eyeliner for a bright evening look.

Stay gorgeous and don’t forget to follow, like and comment!



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