Blender Bender

When it comes to makeup application, we’ve been through sponges, brushes and fingertips, but the Beauty Blender has taken over, and with a vengeance. Started by the original Beauty Blender pink sponge the blender has since had multiple copies from various brands and shopper websites, with some more successful than others.

So what is it?:                       beauty-blender

The Beauty Blender is a makeup sponge used to create and even complexion when applying primer, foundation, or anything similar. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t use is for anything else, but any liquid makeup has the best application.


To use a Beauty Blender, it has to be damp, so wet it all the way through, then squeeze as much water out as you can. If it’s still wet, use a towel or paper towel to squeeze any remaining water out. Once your Beauty Blender is damp, put your foundation on your face, and smooth it out using the blender. You can use your hand as a pallet to transfer the makeup onto your face via the beauty blender, but keep in mind the less transferring to your face you do, the less makeup will be absorbed by the blender. Make sure that when you’re blending, don’t brush the foundation like you would with a makeup brush, dab the blender all over to create a flawless complexion.

The Original Beauty Blender comes in the shape of a tear drop, with a pointed tip to reach places like the corners around your nose and eyes, and the larger flatter surface of the blender is best for the rest of your face, with products such as foundation. If you’re putting powder blush or bronzer over the top, I would recommend dusting a light layer of translucent powder first so the blush or bronzer doesn’t stick to the foundation.

Blender Care:

Always ensure you never leave your Beauty Blender more than 2-3 uses before washing, otherwise it is very hard to wash if you leave it any longer. When cleaning your Beauty Blender or similar, you can use either the specialty Beauty Blender Cleanser, available on Sephora, or a gentle baby soap. Once you’re finished with your Beauty Blender, make sure to keep it in a cool, dry place, otherwise it can grow mould, especially in the humidity.

Blender Comparison:

When it comes to using a Beauty Blender, it’s not always viable to spend $30 plus shipping each time, as it can be expensive. This is where copies come in handy, but sometimes they don’t always work as well as the original. So, this is where I give you my own reviews according to my own and others’ experiences.

#1 – Real Techniques ($17): The Real Techniques orange Miracle Complexion Sponge is probably one of the most effective copies in my opinion, as it’s soft and doesn’t soak up too much makeup on application. It has a pointed tip, much like the original Beauty Blender, but at the other end it has a flat surface with sharper edges to reach the corners around your nose and eyes. real-techniques-sponge

#2 – Kit Cosmetics ($15): The Kit Cosmetics orange Flawless Sphere is my second pick to replace the original Beauty Blender, as it is the same shape as the original, and of similar texture. kit-flawless-sphere

#3 – Kit Cosmetics ($15): The Kit Cosmetics pink Blender Sphere is probably my next best alternative to the original Beauty Blender, as the sponge is soft, with both ends pointed, and the centre of the sponge large enough for the rest of your face. kit-blender-sphee

#4 – Stila ($17): The Stila purple Double-Ended Blending Sponge would be my next alternative. While Stila is a brand with lots of amazing products, this Blending Sponge comes in at my #4 because while it offers great angles for application, the cushion of the sponge is not quite as soft, therefore making it less pliable when applying your makeup. stila-blending-sponge

If you want to spend less than what any of these Blenders cost, there are other options available online on sites such as eBay and Wish ($1-$10), however they aren’t as effective as they lack the bounce and softness the other sponges have, which changes how effective the makeup is applied.

At the end of the day, whether you want to spend $1 or $30, how you apply your makeup is up to you, and whether or not you want to use a brush or blender, stay flawless 🙂



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