When I think of the word “beauty”, I don’t think of Miss Universe or the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. The Kardashians are far from my mind, as is the world of the infamous Jenna sisters. Beauty is seen as a construct of what women, and men, desire to be, based on the worlds ideals of what makes a person beautiful. In my blogs, I will step far away from these constructs, as it is not the worlds ideals of beauty which should inspire your wants and needs in the world of beauty, but the enjoyment of transformation and creativity of the process. 

In my blogs, I discuss the various methods of makeup application I explore on a daily basis, as well as administer tips, tricks and facts on why we use what we use, and how makeup has transformed over the last two decades. Any questions, suggestions, or requests are welcome, as this is designed to be a platform to increase understanding, ease and enjoyment in the world of beauty. 


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