eve love

Hello! I know I’ve been away for a while, but I’ve been out discovering products and working my way into the beauty industry! I’ve recently gotten a job with my one true love – Mecca Maxima. This means that I’ll be able to post new updates from the inside, bringing new products as they come. … More eve love

Blender Bender

When it comes to makeup application, we’ve been through sponges, brushes and fingertips, but the Beauty Blender has taken over, and with a vengeance. Started by the original Beauty Blender pink sponge the blender has since had multiple copies from various brands and shopper websites, with some more successful than others. So what is it?:   … More Blender Bender


It’s the term that had the whole internet questioning the lengths beauty would stretch. Popularised by Kim kardashian, baking took the makeup world by storm, soon catching on and appearing in almost every makeup tutorial online. For months and months I didn’t pay attention to it. I tried it a few times, each time unsuccessful, … More Baking…?